Death Grips – The Money Store

Top 25 LPs of 2012


“What the HELL is that?” sums up The Money Store rather succinctly. It may be the first thought in your head when you play it; it tends to be what people say when I’ve played it at parties (when I’ve been optimistic to the point of foolishness), but also, once you dig deeper, and you start to pick this carcass apart, and you start to wonder what the HELL is making THAT noise? What did that poor synthesizer on ‘The Cage’ do to be treated like that? Are those Serena Williams’ tennis grunts on ‘System Blower’? (Yes.) Is that a working tumble-drier being pumped full of water and sewage on ‘Black Jack’? (No.) When people ask us what Death Grips sound like, some of my friends and I tend to say “Hip-hop turned up to 11”, but after this long listening to it, it’s so much more (turned up to 11). You can hear the vicious industrial burn-outs of Ministry mingling with the cut-paste sirens of Public Enemy, the diesel-powered punk of Black Flag merging with the boom-box psychedelica of The Chemical Brothers. All this backs the bellowing rants of MC Ride, one of the most alarming and magnetic frontmen since Iggy Pop’s heyday, sounding like a drooling bath-salts casualty covered in petrol spitting and barking on the other side of your windscreen.

The real triumph of The Money Store, however, is that even through all its ruthless lack of compromise, its anti-social sentiment and caustic noisemaking, it is stuffed to the brim with instantly accessible hooks that will bury into your skull and stay there. The bastardised-oriental chorus lines of ‘Bitch Please’, the zing-zing tooth-rotting synths in ‘The Fever’, and the instantly iconic yells of “I’m in your areaaaaa!!!!” from ‘Hacker’: all of them sound like they’ve been exhumed from a garbage heap of sugar and syphilis, but it’s so thrilling, raw, addictive and catchy that you can’t wait to swim in the oily mess. Equal parts danger and fun, art and trash, thrills and stomach-churns: logically, this record shouldn’t exist, and yet here it is. Welcome to The Money Store.

For fans of… Public Enemy, Lightning Bolt, Shabazz Palaces
Click here to hear The Fever

–Joe Anthony Hill

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