Django Django – Django Django

Top 25 LPs of 2012


The geek shall inherit the Earth. I have a strange (and possibly overly optimistic) feeling that Django Django may yet save British indie pop from the wave of uniform, shiny-toothed, whitewash, “professional” “indie” bands that followed in the wake of the baffling success of Razorlight. You just have to look at their Facebook page to see that these guys are in love with music from every avenue, posting links to Isaac Hayes, Factory Floor, proto-punks The Monks, Johnny Cash, Kraftwerk, NWA, and shedloads of electronica bands that neither of us have ever heard of. What’s amazing though is how they cram all their far-afield influences into the same formula, to make something at once familiar and unmistakably fresh. Their warm sunny harmonies recall both doo-wop and Bon Iver, their drums alternating between steely machine-led electronica and rumbling afro-beat, while their keyboard sections are like if Tangerine Dream tried to make a Beach Boys record. The result is a fantastic pop record, one that is (more often than not) catchier than a cholera outbreak in a steam room, but rewards deeper listening over and over again; a record of such confidence and panache, it’s hard to believe that this is their debut.

For fans of… The Beta Band, Hot Chip, David Bowie, Stereolab, Animal Collective, The Flaming Lips
Click here to hear Life’s A Beach

–Joe Anthony Hill

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